Olney Jewish Lending Library

Browse online or stop by in person to see the collection of books.

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Each book has a loan period of three weeks and can be renewed.


 Library Hours:

Monday through Friday 10am-2pm

Best to check in before your visit (contact info below).


Donations of funds toward expanding our library are greatly appreciated (dedications will be included in the books you sponsor). Click here to donate.


Jewish Book Store

We believe that a Jewish home is most beautiful when adorned with Jewish books!
So we are making many books in our lending library available for you to purchase at below retail prices!


How to see the cost? When you click on a title in our  online catalog the price of the book is listed under 'category' (If no price is listed, then we are not selling that book). contact us at the email below to place a book order!

Questions?  [email protected] or 301.660.6770