Hear what others have to say about their current experience at Chabad Hebrew School:

Parents Speak: 

"This year is my daughters first year at the Chabad in Olney and also her first year in hebrew school. So far it has been amazing! She loves to go and never complains about not being able to stay home and play. She has learned so much in such a short period of time I can't believe it. She is learning the hebrew alphabet, the laws of kashrut, the different holidays and so many more things. She comes home every week with more information that she can not wait to tell us about. It is amazing and we can't wait for our younger son to join in! They are doing an amazing job and we are THRILLED!!! "

-Hillary Feldman

"The kids look forward to going every week. They have learned so much and have so much fun they can't wait to go back to the next class. Our kids are eager to share with us what they have learned."

-Tracy Newman

"Chabad of Olney's Hebrew School is a wonderful alternative to more "traditional" Hebrew schools. The small group and one-on-one instruction in a relaxed environment, coupled with knowledgeable, energetic, and organized teachers, have meant that my children have learned more in a few months than in years at synagogue school. The lessons are hands-on and relevant, making them fun for the kids. The Chabad is accommodating of all learning styles and lifestyles. "

-Amy Spencer

We looked far and wide for the right fit for our family. The school is so warm and deep and truly are interested in teaching our children and connecting with them. What a lovely experience! Thank you!

-Marni Whelan

 Students Speak:

Sarah and Avery.jpg
At Hebrew School, they are very supportive because they always have time for you and you never feel left out. You get to do crafts and make friends. I like Aleph Champ because there is always an activity you can do like games and a workbook and a book to read in on your level.

Sarah and Avery Spencer 

I like that we learn a lot and Morah Devorah makes it so fun. I love going to Hebrew school every week.

Violet Tomasetti  


I enjoy Hebrew school. When you hear something boring, they turn it in to something fun! I have learned a lot about my religion. I also like their holiday celebrations and Shabbat services!

Eddie Barnes 


 I learn about Jewish holidays and the importance behind them. It is really important to understand what the holidays stand for. I also enjoy the activities at Hebrew School that go with the lessons! 

Janet Abramson