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Pinchas- Surviving in a cave

Friday, 6 July, 2018 - 12:33 pm

It was a magical moment: Thirteen Thai boys were finally found in a remote cave in northern Thailand. After nine tense days, millions of spectators were overcome with a new wave of hope, watching the moment two skilled cave divers found them alive and well.

If I were trapped in that perilous, and seemingly hopeless situation, I don't think I would remain sane after so many days. Thankfully, the footage we all saw shows them in good spirits. Though the rescue operation if far from over, possibly even months away (and we pray for a safe and successful operation!) in the meantime, it is vital that the boys maintain optimism and trust that they will make it out.

Our lives can go in unexpected ways, somewhat resembling the challenges of being trapped in a cave. One moment we innocently go about our day when things suddenly turn dark and hopeless. A strain in a relationship, a letdown at work or even a moral failing. If we are to retain our sanity and drive throughout the challenge, we must tether ourselves to the stable reality outside the ‘cave’.

If you are stuck in a cave, it’s not enough to connect with just anyone from outside; You want the most skilled, calm and professional cave divers alive, people like Richard Stanton and John Volanthen, to be looking after you.

So too, in maneuvering our way through life’s ups and downs, I typically can’t go a day without plugging into something higher. My morning routine includes studying Torah, which serves as a lifeline of refreshing clarity. I also look for the teaching and guidance of Jewish leaders and role models like the Rebbe, who have proven themselves experts in navigating life’s challenges. A daily dose of fresh air is vital in guiding and illuminating our paths toward living a meaningful life.

If we are to succeed and stay the course, we must remain upbeat and motivated. Find your spiritual 'Richard Stanton', your Jewish role model, who will guide you and motivate you each day. Then go out and do the work.

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