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Behaalotecha- Too little too late

Friday, 1 June, 2018 - 12:22 pm

The story is told of and emergency security cabinet meeting called by the Russian Czar. Napoleon's French army was unstoppable. They conquered every city and town in their path, and were soon approaching St. Petersburg. The mood in the room was that of despair, as the military experts, pointing to the map, showed how close Napoleon was, and concluded: there is no chance of preparing for a counterattack.

The Tsar nodded and then motioned to his personal military secretary to come and ask him: Go to my office, bring the big map of Russia on the wall. It was a map ten times the map of the war cabinet room.

Then the Tsar turned to the army chiefs and said, "Friends, explain to me again the situation, how close is Napoleon and why we have no chance of progress? Well, on the big map, Napoleon was no longer so close, and suddenly there seemed to be hope and it was not too late to go to war to save the situation.

This week's Parshah tells the story of Pesach Sheni, of determined Jews who focused on what can be done today, rather than what was missed yesterday.

"Too Little too late" is a much too narrow and small-minded approach. Remember there is a bigger map up there, which gives room for infinite more opportunities. Take the Jewish approach to problem solving. The only day that really matters is today. Having the past weigh us down us one step today something positive today, tomorrow may be too late.

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