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Behar-Bechukotai- Your deleted files

Friday, 11 May, 2018 - 12:07 pm

Has this happened to your kids?! My five-year-old Mordechai, would build a nice Lego or Magna-Tiles tower, and just as he's putting the finishing touches to his masterpiece of work, my two-year-old, Rivkah, rushes over and enthusiastically crashes it down to pieces. I'm not sure I get why Rivkah destroys his work, but I certainly relate to why Mordechai gets extremely frustrated.

We are hard-wired to experience a sense of accomplishment. Our work must bear fruit, otherwise, it will leave us feeling empty and deeply frustrated. Think of the time you worked for three-plus hours on a document only to have the file deleted and lost forever.

This is why in this week's Torah portion, we are commanded not to delegate unnecessary jobs and meaningless tasks (e.g. "Warm up this drink for me,” when you do not need it - Rashi) even if we hired them to work for us.

The same must carry into our Divine service too. Every G-d given Mitzvah is infused with purpose. If we find ourselves growing frustrated with a Mitzvah, it must be beckoning us to revisit the meaning and depth behind the Mitzvah. 
Don't let a Mitzvah be a source of frustration, when it has the ability to provide deep satisfaction.

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