Virtual Learning Schedule

Parsha Class
SCHEDULE: Wednesdays, 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Torah Classes  

led by Rabbi Bentzy

A deep dive into the weekly Torah portion, focused on life lessons we can walk away with.

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SCHEDULE: First Monday of the Month, at 10 am on Zoom
Torah Classes     
 SCHEDULE:  Mon.-Fri. 1:00pm  |  After Shabbos 9:30pm  |  Sun, 11:00am
Torah Classes   

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  • The Rambam, Maimonides, was one of Judaism's greatest teachers. In his book called Mishne Torah, he teaches us about every topic that exists in Torah.
  • This all-embracing classic is being made available to you in bite-size pieces. In just 20-25 minutes a day, you will have access to the whole Torah!
  • Try it and see how easy it is. This really is the course of a lifetime!
  • Our talented team of 7 Rabbis, all articulate and caring teachers, will ease you through this exciting, educational experience. The first section, begins Wednesday, July 22, and will go for 7 weeks and consists of 5 modules.

The Course

We started with the Book of Knowledge on Wednesday, 22 July. 

This module contains Judaism's most fundamental Mitzvos and principles, and will run until Sep 5th, when we will celebrate the first book!

The Team

Rabbi Eli Backman, College Park, MD
Rabbi Yitzy Ceitlin, Wahington DC
Rabbi Sholom Deitsch, Faifax, VA
Rabbi Yossi Kagan, Potomac, MD
Rabbi Sholom Raichik, Gaithersburg, MD
Rabbi Bentzy Stolik, Olney, MD
Rabbi Berel Wolvovsky, Silver Spring, MD

Join Live

Meeting ID: 943 7188 3794
Passcode: rambam

All of the above classes are open to all free of charge. If you would like to sponsor or dedicate a class in honor or memory of  a loved one for $180, please visit indicate in the notes which class you are dedicating.