A community that celebrates together... stays together


We strive to cultivate a community "where everyone is family". The "First Fridays @ Chabad" and Shabbat day Kiddush do much to create friendships and the warm, heimish atmosphere in which we take great pride.

You may choose to sponsor a Kiddush in honor of a family event, in memory of a loved one, or just for the Mitzvah. May the merit of sponsoring this beautiful event bring you and yours all the blessings of Nachas, happiness and much success in all your endeavors.

  2017-18 Kiddush Sponsors

  • Rosh Hashana Day One: Kiddush sponsored by the Nachum & Aggie Ben-Yosef and Yigal & Andrea Ben-Yosef in memory of Esther bat Berurya
  • Rosh Hashana Day Two: Available
  • September 23rd: Available
  • Yom Kippur Break Fast: Kiddush Sponsored by Elie Safie and Janice Postal in memory of Grazia bas Wahbar and Channah bas Avraham
  • October 6 - Soups and Salads in the Sukkah: Sponsored by Danny and Paula Sayag and Harry and Starr Zarin
  • October 28: Available
  • November 3: Kiddush sponsored by Michael and Marcy Ralph in honor of their wedding anniversary. Mazal Tov!
  • November 11: Kiddush sponsored by Jon and Susan Becker and family in honor of the birthday of her sister Starr Zarin
  • November 25: Available
  • December 1: Kiddush sponsored by Joyce Torchisnky in memory of Tziporah
  • December 9: Kiddush Sponsored by Harry and Starr Zarin in honor of the Stolik Children
  • December 23: Available
  • January 5: Kiddush sponsored by Steve and Marla baron in memory of Hyman Joseph Baron, Chaim Yoseph ben Moshe OBM, Yartzheit 19 Tevet.
  • January 13: Available
  • January 27: Available
  • February 2: Kiddush Sponsored by Elie Safie and Janice Postal in memory of Grazia bas Wahbar and Channah bas Avraham
  • February 10: Available
  • February 24:  Dedicated by Itzchak and Judy Allal In honor of the first birthday of their granddaughter Talia
  • Purim Community Dinner: Co-sponsored by 
    Michael and Marcy Ralph 
     Paul and Stacy Silberman
    Harry and Starr Zarin 
  • March 2: Kiddush dedicated by Joyce E. Torchisnky in honor of the speedy and complete recovery of Joey - Yosef Meir ben Yakova Yaffa
  • March 10: Available
  • March 24: Available
  • Passover Community Seder: Available
  • April 14: Available
  • April 28: Available
  • Lag BaOmer BBQ: Dedicated by the Silberman Family, Katz Family, Zarin Family, Wilomosky Family, Bob Fenichel
  • May 11: Available
  • May 12: Available
  • Shavuot Dairy Luncheon/Ice Cream Party: Co-Sponsors: Lynn Siegfried 
  • May 26: Available
  • June 1: Available
  • June 9: Available
  • June 23: Available
  • July 6: Available
  • July 14: Available
  • July 28: Available
  • August 3: Available
  • August 11: Available
  • August 25: Available
  Sponsor an upcoming Kiddush

Do you have an upcoming Birthday, Yartzeit or Anniversary? Share your special occasion with family and friends at Chabad.

$125 Shabbat day sponsor (For a deluxe Kiddush please inquire)
$150 Friday night co-sponsor
$300 Friday night full sponsor

Holidays, special events and Bar/Bat Mitzvah's - inquire for information

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