Rabbi Bentzy Stolik was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After his Bar Mitzvah, he studied in the Flagship Lubavitch Yeshivah of Oholei Torah, left for a year to the Yeshiva in Paris, and returned to conclude his Rabbinic ordination from the central Lubavitch Yeshiva in 770 Eastern Parkway. Bentzy spent two years in Baltimore and Toronto as a student mentor, assisting the local high school and community.

As a Rabbinic intern, Bentzy spent his summers visiting and assisting Jewish communities in Sydney, Australia, Bangalore, India, Bangkok, Thailand and Coral Gables, Florida. He has conducted Seders for scattered communities in Nover-Chekask, Russia, Klaipeda, Lithuania, Fulda, Germany and Honolulu, Hawaii. Bentzy has led Released time Groups in public schools in New York, inspiring children with no other Jewish Education. He has reached out to Jewish prisoners in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, California, and participated in the successful ‘Yeshiva in prison’ program ensuring that their spiritual needs are met.

Devorah Stolik was born and raised in New York, attended the Beth Rivkah Elementary and High school. She spent her summers volunteering for Jewish day camps in Marietta, Georgia, Silver Spring, Maryland, Venice, Florida, Boulder, Colorado and Reston, Virginia. She graduated Machon Shohanah Seminary with honors in Jerusalem, Israel. Devorah has concluded the prestigious “Teacher training program” by renowned educators, in Brooklyn, New York, and has spent three years teaching students in the Ohr Chanah High School, Jewish Online School and Teaching and directing student programs at Beth Rivkah High school.

Inspired by the teachings and legacy of The Rebbe, the Stoliks moved in August 2012, to establish Chabad of Olney, which has rapidly grown to become a beacon of Jewish life and education to the greater Olney community.